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I started this consultancy to offer a unique approach to business support. As opposed to simply providing advice, our initial review of any business is spent working within the company. In some instances, working as an employee to help establish the current working practice. This initial stage can take as little as three days to three weeks, depending on the size of the business as well as the project requirements. Once we have concluded our research, we then present our findings. Our findings consist of the current process in comparison to your business ambitions. We offer a gap analysis report to explain the shortcomings of the process as well as the required improvement. For example, you might be using multiple software’s to achieve a goal that can be achieved by one software.

Our goal is to be the helping hand that gets you to the next target in your business plan. In addition to our consultancy, we operate as a creative agency supporting all marketing needs, including social media and advertising. We have Graphic's & Web team as well as videographers.

We offer a mentoring program for multiple young adults as well as new business owners on a weekly basis. We cover all the services we offer in a tuition format. We have Guest directors from multiple industries on every call. 

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