Are you working in, or on your business

These two principles are the battle arena for most small to medium size organisations.

The benefit of working IN your business as the owner or senior manager. Is the sense of control it provides, the ability to affect the quality of work or service provided. Though this is true, It impacts your ability to plan for scalable growth, manage productivity, & implement change.

For example: Who has the answers to these questions in your organisation apart from you?

What is your order management process?

Please consider: Leads, quotes, orders, invoices, purchase orders, deliveries, collections, stock management, failed deliveries.

What or who are the bottlenecks within this process, & how do you measure this?

How do you measure the productivity of your teams? Sales, technical, admin, etc. within the process above?

Working ON your business gives you the ability to plan, refine & control all of the factors presented above & so much more, but without the correct balance, you can become disconnected from your teams, which could result in high staff turnover.

What if I told you there is one tool that could help you achieve the benefits of working IN, and ON your business.

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