When I was working for Virtual Worlds, I will never forget the day I installed 4D Theatre with Nathan & Ben. The interest in the 4DT solution was growing more than anticipated, & this was before the fantastic money-back guarantee they're offering today. We had a list of companies who had agreed to the solution, but we hadn't allocated an installation team for this particular project. The retailer was keen on having the work done before the launch of the showroom.

I remember Nathan offering his installation services. I was taken aback by this because I knew how busy he was, but his commitment to the team effort was something I hadn't seen before in someone of his position. Some would say it didn't make commercial sense to have the MD, Head Of Sales & Corporate Manager on the tools, but the equipment we were installing was costly. Time restrictions prevented us from hiring an installer who understood the hardware & software.

"THAT'S NOT MY JOB" The words of someone who puts themselves before the team. People who use this phrase will struggle to excel and learn new skills. Managers should take the time to recognise those employees who go above & beyond the call of duty. What are your thoughts?

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